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Novatec’s production includes a wide range of standard installations.

Cleaning and Drying Systems: ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing both standard and according to the customer’s specific requests. Modular surface treatment systems for immersion and/or spray treatment with single or cascading stages. Hot air dryers, infra-red and vacuum dryers, centrifugal dryers. Solvent dryers, ultrasonic degreasing machines, spray-cleaning machines. Compact ultrasonic cleaning tanks for laboratory or research applications.

Ultrasonics: piezoelectric and magnetostrictive ultrasonic generators, flanged or bulkhead mount submersible transducers. Available frequencies from 18 to 100 kHz. Modular construction of the piezoelectric units enable us to supply a generator also with different frequencies.

Automation: 2 or 3 axes handling systemswith load capacity up to 1500 kg, Lift-Systems for vertical automation.

Cleaning results and performances of our systems can be optimized through adjustable vertical movement or rotation, dedicated ramps and spray, “lift-out” or “slow drain” systems for capillary drying which enhance the efficacy of the treatment and the final result. Automatic lids and enclosures for thermal and noise insulation, feed and exit conveyors suitable for any basket sizes and tunnel conveyors leading into clean rooms.

Air and Water treatment: water softeners, reverse osmosis, active carbon water filtration systems and manual or automatic water demineralising systems, ultra-filtration systems and evaporators under vacuum which allow to work environment-friendly. Extraction, filtration and air treatment systems (powders and vapours), clean rooms.

Painting: manual or automatic water veil or dry cabins, pre-drying modules and dryers.

NDT: Automatic FPI Dye-Pen, wash and developer systems.

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