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Novatec produces ultrasonic cleaning plant, and other surface finishing equipment. The key product is the PLURITANK (Multi-tank) range which, owing to its modular construction method, is designed to meet the many requirements associated with industrial batch cleaning.

PLURITANK systems are an alternative to solvent-based systems, giving excellent cleaning without the associated health and safety issues.

PLURITANK ultrasonic cleaning systems comprise a combination of different process modules, consisting of: ultrasonic immersion cleaning tanks designed for use with aqueous detergent solutions; single or two-stage cascade immersion and spray-rinsing tanks for deionised or tap water use, hot air dryers and vacuum dryers.

Industrial PCs and / or PLCs control process functions and the automatic handling systems, as well as conveyors, automatic lids, ultrasonics, solenoid valves and further possible functions.

The systems can be equipped with bar code readers, which control the quantity and the type of product being treated, and “traceability” systems so to monitor the process constantly and save data and parameters related to the different stages as for times, temperature, ultrasonic power, trends, etc.

All modules in the system are entirely fabricated from stainless steel and available in standard version or adaptable to customers’ specific production requirements.

Our attention is focused on the satisfaction of customers’ demands and on the offer of our know-how supplying high quality products andservices.

Novatec’s systems can be used for following applications:

  • Surface preparation prior PVD-CVD treatmentand Surface stripping
  • Automotive, aeronautics and Defence industry
  • Medical industry (components and orthopaedic prostheses)
  • Optical industry and eyewear frames
  • Watch industry, jewellery, silverware and small components
  • Moulds for plastic, glass and die casting & Industry of Precision Mechanics
  • Industry of Electrical, Electronic, Semi-Conductorsand customized and specially designed cleaning systems
  • Treatment finishing for Components and Fittings & Photovoltaic Industry

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